Friday, April 8, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Batman vs Superman Collab

The REM is basically DC Collab with the addition of a new Batman gold egg.

Batman and DC Collab REM card buff info:

I still have Superman from the first DC Collab and I'm glad he got an ultimate evolution even though I don't see myself using him as a leader or sub for the near future. He probably has the most potential to become the best leader out of all the gold eggs, if not at least very good for farming. If you can form his team and still have enough RCV, he will be better than Supergirl as his leader skill is near unconditional. The only drawback for that unconditional leader skill being the attackers and physical requirements.

I like Armoured Batman's art and he seems to be a nice Awoken Pandora sub with an active skill similar to the green Samurai God Ishida. However, I think the odds are still low to get a gold egg in Collab REM so even though I'm a fan of Batman, I will still rather spend my non-IAP stones on a God Festival instead.

Note that all 3 gold eggs' skill up will be available in the Collab dungeon as you can see them in the card art assets:寵物圖檔更新(共18隻寵物)