Saturday, April 23, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Shonen Sunday (2nd) Collab

New cards info:

Sinbad evolution materials and existing REM card buffs:

This REM used to have a higher chance of getting gold eggs due to the ratio of the rarity. You can also tell from how the 5 star gold eggs sell for only 4000 MP. There's still more gold than silvers but overall, the number of silvers have increased:

4 ->10  4-star silvers
4 -> 8  5-star golds
2 -> 4  6-star golds

Out of all the previous cards, I see Ushio & Tora(6-star) and Lum(5-star) being used the most, mainly in Arena videos. For the new cards, I think the most interesting card is Sesshomaru, the 6-star card, being a good leader pairing for the latest dark MP Flower cards, Xin Hua. The other cards aren't that good IMO with the exception of Sinbad (another new 6-star) being not a bad leader while the rest will probably be useful for skill inheritance.

I'm a fan of manga but never actually checked out these series much other than watching some Inuyasha anime. No must-haves as usual for most Collab REM, this is probably more for the respective manga series fans.