Saturday, May 7, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Mini/Chibi Gacha

New Chibis Info:

Official Rarity breakdown:

I believe the seasonal pink REM are no longer having anymore chibis, if it has not already. They get their own gacha now except some like the chibi heroes, normal Isis, normal Amaterasu silvers, chibi Red Odin and Chiyome. 

The most notable pulls IMO will be mini hera and Lilith for their active skill as inheritance for arena. Mini hera in particular has one of the highest % gravity active skill at the moment. Other than that, the boardchanger actives are good for inheritance as well. Do note that other than the silvers, they have the same stats as their normal counterpart and that both Metatrons and Red Sonia chibis will get their leader skill buffed to match their normal counterparts.

In terms of using as a sub though, light valkyrie is probably the most used out of the current chibis. I can see Dark Valkyrie and maybe Awoken Isis, Awoken Amaterasu and UVO Pandora of the new batch of chibis joining her. The last one being a lot of people's favourite. I am going to roll at least once even though I know the rolls are better spent on Godfests.