Saturday, May 7, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: PAD Radar app (Updated)

PAD Radar App guides from reddit and discussion

Even if you are not in Japan, you can still collect orbs after you move at least 1KM from a location and use it to exchange for stuff like weekday dungeons, 99 of a stat and piis. I haven't tried out the friend finder yet but I guess it should work for any part of the world...

The friend finder does work and it seems to be finding friends for me that are from Japan, going by the names, so it isn't as cool.

Useful information from PAD Blog:

Orb search reset timings (I'm assuming it's JST)

I've noticed I can get orbs again while staying at the same location so I think those reset timings are the reason behind it. If you are on the same location and have reached those timings, do a search again before you leave to another place.

Also, it seems that the game doesn't persist over multiple devices of the same OS like how PAD can; if you go to another device, you have to relink your game to retrieve your save orbs via your PAD game but beware, I think the saved data is not instant as I switched and noticed an earlier search I collected not updated to my new device and lost 3 rainbow orbs!

I really dislike the app making me use it every once in a while to swipe orbs on screen; it just feels like a chore. However, I've gotten about 1.5 cards +297 from redeeming the rewards and also with another +297 on the way. I've also redeemed quite a few Monday and Friday dungeons that I didn't play yet. (Note that you might have to change your timezone to Japan to see the dungeons after activating them from your mail) I guess I'll just keep on using the app...