Monday, May 30, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: June Bride Seasonal Gacha

Fun Fact about the gacha theme:月の花嫁-rokugatsu-no-hanayome-june-bride

Card art:

Full Gacha card list: (please refer to around the second half of the page)

Card Info in English:

Gadius is the MP card. Light cards galore in this Gacha! If you are running a mono-light team, there are quite a few gold eggs that are great subs in this Gacha.

I love the art for Echidna, Izanami and Eschamali the most but in terms of card usage, I think they are "wants" more than "needs", although Izanami might be good for my Yuna/ADQXQ/Hathor though. The first 2 are probably the most useful cards out of the silvers, Kano and Ruka though.

Kano and Ruka are nowhere near as good as New Year Mitsuki, they could very well just have been silvers but it's great for additional MP when I sell I guess... I rolled a Kano and am planning to sell her.