Sunday, March 4, 2012

About Grand Prix Baltimore and the real top decks of Pro Tour Dark Ascension

GP Baltimore Day 1 Undefeated Decks
GP Baltimore Top 8 Decklists

Comments: What happen to all the Birthing Pods, Wolf Run Ramp/Delver Spirits(in top 8) decks!? I think the reasoning will be perhaps that the Birthing Pod is not good enough and the people had hate out for Wolf Run and Spirits after that strong showing in the Pro Tour. Corrosive Gales answers Spirits while UB Control will triumph Wolf Run according to Paulo Victor Damo da Rosa.

PT DKA's "real" Top Standard Decks

Comments: dgschess pointed out that the Pro Tour scores consisted of constructed and draft matches, thus there may be players who did not do well in draft but had a solid constructed showing with their decks. His list shows the top performing decks.