Monday, February 27, 2012

Dark Ascension Event Decks unboxing!

I managed to get my hands on both Dark Ascension Event Decks, SGD$39.90 from Comics Connection. It is higher priced than the Innistrad ones, SGD$29.90 (Deathfed) to SGD$32.90 (Hold the Line) and I'm guessing it is due to the pair of good rare-s in both decks: Inkmoth Nexus and Birthing Pods.

I've always wondered how they manage to squeeze a cupboard box into the packaging and it turns out the front of the box is actually just a cover and you slide the box containing all the contents. I've measured the box and it can fit 60 cards with sleeves but there is little space left for the sideboard cards with sleeves. I think you might be able to fit them in but it can get stuck, thus I think they are only useful for storing spare cards and you are better off with a third-party deck box like the ones from UltraPro. The 20-sided dice are nicely made but I think the green one is clearer.

Update: I'm able to fit in all 75 sleeved cards along with the cardboard divider provided and the box will be fully filled.