Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dark Ascensions Event Deck List revealed + Pod Strategy Resources

Here for the Event Deck Lists.

Gleeful Flames
I was waiting to see if Stormkirk Noble will be making an appearance but he didn't. You can get him and quite a lot of other good red spells in the various set's Intro Packs. Unless you need the Inkmoth Nexus or want to make a red deck, the other cards in the deck are not very expensive inclusions. Therefore, I'm guessing most people will most likely just buy one of it.

To improve the deck, you will want to add cards used in David Caplan's World 2011 Top 8 Red Deck here. The Torpor Orb is added to hose the other Event Deck just like how Nihil Spellbomb was included against the Spinterfright Graveyard theme Event Deck. Unfortunately, this hose card takes up 3 rare slots out of 7.

Spiraling Doom
This is basically a Black-Green (B/G) Birthing Pod deck that looks fun. Since Dark Ascension introduced undying mechanic which combos well with Birthing Pod, there have been quite a number of articles on the deck:

channelfireball.com's article by Carrie Oliver

Which version of Pod by Mark Ian Alonso

Ramp Pod by Reid Duke, the only top Pod deck in recent times I think, and this one is a combination with Wolf-Run Ramp.

Dark Ascension Review Part 1 and 2 by Chingsung Chang. More in Part 2 than part 1 but overall, a good read about Dark Ascension. Interestingly, he states that Birthing Pod decks will not take off as the offensive is ground-based.

The main idea is to use 187/"Enter the Battlefield" (ETB) effect creatures and Birthing Pod is a great way to tutor them out. Creatures that get an effect when the die also works well and I think Morbid mechanic is going to be good in this deck too.

There are quite a few combination of colors you can take for the Pod decks and it will be fun experimenting. Unfortunately, no B/G enemy dual land here but given the color combination possible for Pod, you might not be playing green with black. This is a deck you will still want to get at least 2-of for the Birthing Pod play-set.