Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Fantasy Football" for Magic and MTG web resources

Here, using Facebook.

I used to play the English Premier League Yahoo Fantasy Football last time but I'm hardly into soccer now. This one is interesting and it's about Magic although I think most of the card slots you pick will be down to a 2-3 main choices. I've been reading a lot about the top decks of standard and many articles about decks and tournaments, so this game came at a good time for me to join. Here are a few sources:

Wizards Official Site


GatheringMagic.com (I especially enjoy Darwin Kastle's articles)


If you want to know about the Tier 1 decks, check out this Forum over at MTGSalvation which more or less list out the top decks in Standard, Type 2.

The new set Dark Ascension isn't likely to be game-breaking to create a new kind of deck other than Black-White (B/W) Tokens, thanks to Sorin and Lingering Souls. There have already been a tournament by Star City Games and you can check out the top 32 deck-lists here. B/W tokens didn't exactly take off and Delver/Mage Blade is still very popular, along with Blue/White (U/W) Humans, Tempered Steel, Wolf-Run Ramp and a smaller portion of Township Tokens decks.

For my card choices in this Magic Fantasy Pro Tour, my strategy is to be pick cards that overlap in the top decks, thus making safer choices for points. You have 4 days till closing to form your card roster.

Have fun!