Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yugioh March 2012 Banlist and Yugioh

I've actually saw the list being posted in a week ago but never gotten down to blogging about it. I'm not really into Yugioh anymore but nevertheless, here are my comments from checking it out:

- the post about the list at has one of the smallest number of comments. Dwindling popularity?
- list looks boring as nothing powerful gets unrestricted like BLS
- Trishula gets banned before Brionac
- Plants' tuners get badly hit (banned)
- Agents get hit (all placed in restricted list)
- Lightsworns, Six Samurai-s, E-Tele gains (Lightsworn lost grow-up bulb though)
- Torrential Tribute to 2 with Dark Hole and Mirror Force still legal looks like Konami is hating on Monsters?

I'm still waiting for Yugioh Tag Force 6 US version and World Championship 2012. I hope they arrive soon before I forget how to play Yugioh!