Sunday, February 12, 2012

Double the art, double the destruction!

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I managed to find 2 Artful Destruction Intro Packs and bought them mainly for the Blade Splicers as they go well in Township Token and Birthing Pod decks. The deck is a Golem Tribal deck and its strategy is to ramp up to the Splicers and win with Golems. The theme is similar to the Sliver creatures of the very old Tempest card set when I was still playing. The difference is that Sliver creatures came with the effect on themselves to boost all Slivers while the Golems rely on their Splicer creators for the effects. 

On a side note, the Magic pre-con decks/boxes, during the time I was playing, came with a card-sized rules booklet that is many pages long but in current Magic, most of the rules fit into a double-sized paper that is about A4 or smaller. This is definitely more beginner friendly and not as daunting as a little booklet.

I went ahead to mix and mesh both Intro Packs, putting together the cards which I think will be better.

24 lands
12  Forest
12  Plains

I left the mana-base alone. There's not much to play around here.

29 creatures
2  Blade Splicer
2  Brutalizer Exarch
3  Copper Myr
3  Gold Myr
4  Master Splicer
1  Maul Splicer
4  Palladium Myr
2  Precursor Golem
4  Suture Priest
4  Vital Splicer

I took out Garruk's Packleader as I think the effect might come too late to help. I also find that Golem Artisan may be a little too expensive and I replace it with more Splicers. I think the best Splicers are Blade, Master, Vital and Maul. Maul Splicer is only one-of here because she cost 7 mana which is a lot. Phyrexian Hulk and  Stone Golem are vanilla creatures which I think there are better creatures that can fill their slots.

7 other spells
3  Cultivate
2  Forced Worship
2  Giant Growth

These are the only spells which I feel are worth playing. There is really a lack of removal so Brutalizer Exarch will have to take over those duties. Glissa's Scorn and War Report goes better in the sideboard against Artifacts like Swords and Red decks respectively. Giant Growth is not standard legal but is part of this Intro Pack so I'm sticking them in. It is one of the best Green Instant since the beginning where each color got a 1-cost spell that did something along the line of 3. I hope it returns in Magic 2013 core set.

If you want to improve them further and use other sets' cards, I will take out the Myr for Lanowar Elves/Birds of Paradise/Avacyn's Pilgrim to speed things up. Rampant Growth also replaces Cultivate nicely.