Monday, January 11, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Latest Japan Tier List (Updated on 11 Jan 2016 with new links)

I found out about the site through Nez's posting in the Puzzle and Dragons Forum Japan Q&A section.

GameWith's Puzzle & Dragons Tier List. You can use Google Translate to get it in English.

It was updated for November 2014 and includes the new Egyptian Gods, albeit only Hathor made it and is in S Rank Edit: Nephthys is actually at A Rank and Osiris is at B Rank, along with Hathor at S Rank. Regarding the ranking, the only change that I will make is to put Umicachi & Yamasachi and Bastet to A rank instead of B rank. The overall A Rank seems to be favouring Red Leaders primarily as well.

The website also includes a page containing template teams (23 June 2015: Link fixed!) for a lot of popular leaders, separated by colour and even has a section on leaders from Collabs, although Hunter X Hunter is notably missing currently. Edit: Saint Seiya, Hello Kitty and Crystal Defenders too!

Update (20 June 2015):
Game8's PAD Tier List

There have been some discussion on this new list by Game8 and it is a list that is constantly being updated. It's in Japanese but has the card icons which makes it easy to understand even if you do not know the language. It also includes Collaboration leaders which GameWith did not so in a sense, the list is more "complete".

Another use of the tier list IMO is in assisting with figuring out which Godfest combination and Collaboration to go for. For example at this time of posting, Egyptian 1.0 Gods and Indian 1.0 Gods are great for leaders while 3K Gods make for great subs. The top 3 collaborations to go for are DBZ, FF CD and Monster Hunter Collaborations. Final Fantasy Collaboration is great if you are aiming to get multiple Cloud-s but that can be very expensive.

Update (23 June 2015):
Game8's Template Team page

Game8 has a page dedicated to sample teams as well but it is a little hard to navigate to individual teams; you need to go to a leader's page by clicking the icon and then if the page isn't filled with template teams, look for a "▶XXXXのテンプレ" link around the middle of the page where XXXX is the name of the leader. (You can find other card's template teams using the above link on their respective pages as some are not featured on the Template Team page) The template teams are usually more than GameWith's so I think it is an excellent alternative resource!

Update (15 July 2015):
GameWith's Top 5 leaders

There isn't actually any ranking despite the naming but it is more like the 5 S-rank leaders in the game, updated for July:
  • Vegito
  • Awoken Ra
  • Awoken Bastet
  • Juggler
  • Cloud (Supposedly with the Cloud System)

It is quite close to Game8's list and it should get updated so check back there once in a while.

There is also a new categorisation of leaders and their team templates at the bottom of that page:

The most interesting point I picked up was actually the categorisation of Nut as a tank leader. With her typing being Physical, she has really high HP which the leader skill multiplies even higher, she's set up to be a tank and can't be given too high multiplier for attack or it will be overpowered.

Update (16 Sept 2015):
GameWith's list has now increased to 3 tiers of rank for the September Strongest Party Ranking and has a writeup for each leader in Japanese: http://パズドラ

S Rank
Ra Dragon
A. Ra
A. Bastet
Shiva Dragon

A Rank
Zaerog 8
Cloud System (specifically the system team)
Scarlet System (specifically the system team)

B Rank
A. Anubis
UVO Goemon
A. Yomi

It's an interesting alternative reference to Game8's list. More food for thought!

Update (19 Sept 2015):

Game8's ranking for beginner rolls

It seems like a good reference for people starting out in the game.

Update (11 Jan 2016):
Game8 tier list was revamped on 7 January:

They also have a list of cards recommended to +297 which is aways a nice reference:

GameWith tier list: http://パズドラ

I follow GameWith's website info more nowadays as their team templates (http://パズドラ have arena teams ( and are generally more accurate.