Thursday, January 14, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Duel Masters Collab (2nd)

The main gold egg Bolmeteus gets a split evolution to be more sub focused and provide a lot of useful awakenings. It will be a great sub for the upcoming green MP Mech Dragon, Ragnarok Dragon (New MP Dragon, Ragnarok @JP) fulfilling 2 other missing colours for the team plus a ton of good awakenings. Its active skill provide a randomise board skill which is useful for a team that needs to match 4-5 colours plus to handle the newer locked orb mechanics. The other evolutions were given to Bolshack and Urth which is most likely to cater to the newer players who can use them as leaders.

I find Bolmeteus the most appealing card for now and it being a gold egg will be very hard to get so it is probably out of reach for most non-IAP players. For those of you who have a Phoenix Rider, take note that the collab dungeon will have skill up cards for it!