Friday, January 22, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's CROWS x WORST V Collab

Card character images:
There's a promo card that is redeemable for Android users, the character is shown at the bottom of the above site.

Full character card art:
Full card info:

Gold card translations in Chinese:「クローズ×WORST-V」合作角色介紹(金蛋)
(MP card costs 100K MP and available from 02/05 00:00JST ~ 02/15 23:59JST or you can get it from a serial code for Android users in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine from 02/05)
Silver card translations in Chinese:「クローズ×WORST-V」合作角色介紹(銀蛋)

GameWith ratings: http://パズドラ
Game8 ratings:

What is CROWS x WORST V?

There is quite a few mix and match of existing leader skills and active skills for this collaboration. All the gold cards, except the MP card Saburo Hanazawa, have a type killer awakening so their total multiplier is actually quite high against the relevant types. Here are some of the notable cards for me:

6* Harumichi Bouya
Eschamali-ish active skill for red orbs but converts one less orb. Awoken DLucifer-ish leader skill but for red attackers. His only weakness IMO is his one-sided awakenings as he is only powerful against devils with that type killer awakening.

6* Lindaman
Yomi Dragon's active skill but for red orbs. The leader skill is quite powerful but he's lacking skill bind resist for a leader IMO.

4* Yasu
I'm just pointing him out for his 2 dark resist awakenings. These type of cards can be useful against those huge DQ Hera pre-empt damage but for now I don't think there is a team for him.

MP card Saburo Hanazawa
He's going for 100K MP and I'm mostly reading about people planning to use him as a sub on Tsubaki.

With the game seemingly moving towards mechs and also the MP God dragons, there aren't any subs for them. The 2 best cards are easily the 6* gold eggs but I think they are useful but slightly lacking in their awakenings.