Saturday, March 14, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: How to find out the colour of your present egg for Japan version (Update)

Update: Minpuzz has the wordings for the White Valentine day present egg dungeon (14 March 2015 - 15 March 2015)

There are quite a few present egg dungeons that we get in a year (there is one for Valentine's Day at this time of writing) and here's how to find out about which colour the egg is for the Japan version if you do not understand Japanese.

I will google the dungeon name, for instance, this Valentine's Day is called "バレンタインダンジョン", after the dungeon's opening. I then check out the latest post regarding it, Google results will show how old the pages are. happens to have exactly what we need for this Valentine's Day Present Egg Dungeon:




Put those text through Google Translate to find out what each type, the first line above the parenthesis, correspond to. (The type is actually in Chinese too)

Enter the dungeon, move an orb and return it back to the original position so as not to trigger any combos. (This is very important as some players actually try to match something but you don't have to!The present egg will have a 50% chance to flash one of the above words in parenthesis. The other 50% chance is to flash "Wait and See". The behaviour is the same as the English versions, it's just the words that are different.

Match the words to the ones in the parenthesis to find out what color the egg is. If none of the words match, you might have found the wrong dungeon information from Google. For players who want to get a particular color, you can exit the dungeon and retry at the cost of your stamina as long as you don't defeat the egg.