Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Juggler from Japan's FFCD Collab REM, taking most of the puzzle out of Puzzle & Dragons (Updated with new YouTube Video links)

There is a lot of ongoing discussion about the latest gold egg from the current Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders (FFCD) Collab. The only other time I recall a collab gold egg getting so much attention was Killua from the Hunter X Hunter Collab, being able to clear King of the Gods easily at that time.

I've read that it's a card designed by Square Enix people, hence the "lack of balance" in the leader skill. A 7x multiplier is usually reserved for a leader skill of high difficulty like Ra or Anubis but Juggler only requires 2 combo-s of heart to obtain it which leads to very easy activation with any active skills that creates heart as well as highly flexible teams, focusing on any color, with the option of going row enhance or two-prong heavy. (You can hardly squeeze in a row or two-prong match while activating Ra and Anubis unlike Juggler) It is basically the only leader you need right now to clear most of the content. At a cost of 19, it is even usable for some of the cost-restricted descends as well! (There is some skill required in managing your heart orbs when your active skills are not up in his gameplay though)

The play-style of Juggler is quite similar IMO to the Hero Gods. ( his reliance on active skills to make hearts) It's a really nice card to have as it makes the game easier but not entirely a definite "must-have" as most egg machines rolls go. A farmable leader like the ultimate evolution Beelzebub is still good enough for clearing most content safely. I'm looking forward to the upcoming FF Collab as I'm a fan of Final Fantasy and with Square Enix probably still involved in the design, we might see another overpowered card there!

Juggler Information & links

Juggler with farmable subs from Puzzle & Dragons sub-Reddit discussion

General discussion of Juggler at Puzzle & Dragons Forum

Juggler scoring 9.5/10 from GameWith. (He's on par with the Hero Gods' score)

Juggler's suggested team page at GameWith and his own page contains 2 more team builds

*New* Ultimate Devil Rush! with no Gold eggs team subs and Ultimate Hera Rush! with no Gold eggs team subs YouTube videos by 黒雪姫のきままにパズドラ (Stats and skill levels are shown at the start of the video very quickly... Jugglers are +297, Black Fairy is +297 for Devil Rush but impressive nevertheless! Interestingly, the Drawn Joker was not evolved and I wonder if it is to avoid blue binds.)

To find Juggler videos on YouTube, just search for '曲芸士PT'. *New* To find 'no Gold eggs' team subs, use the term '無課金'.