Monday, March 23, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: 4th Dragon Ball Z Collab for Japan (Updated#3)

Update#3: Subreddit discussion on the latest buffs. Super Saiyan 3 Goku got the old Vegito's leader skill while Mystic/Ultimate Gohan's leader skill is now the 5x for all 5 colours like Fire/Light Horus.

The biggest changes were for Vegito though. His leader skill has been updated to include a boost to RCV which is pretty huge. His active skill has also been amended to be similar Ra's active skill while retaining the one turn delay. He also gets a boost to all 3 stats, making him one of the highest overall stat cards in the game. Together with the easy activation of his leader skill's 4x, he has become quite a powerful card now!

Update#2: There was going to be some changes to the Dragon Ball cards and here are the information in Chinese over at pad.skyozora with a subreddit discussion on them. I was expecting awakening changes for Vegito to better fit with his evolution material requirements and be in line with the other gold egg cards evolution's 7 awakenings. He did get good additional awakenings but I don't understand why the active skill and leader skill got changed. The old active was fine and definitely better IMO (I like the new skillup card though as it brings back memories of Vegito's fight with Majin Buu!) and without the need to match all 6 orbs for his new leader skill, his additional orb movement awakening doesn't make sense too. He also gets 200 more HP than Super Saiyan 3 Goku although Goku is the one that is physical typing. I just find his changes odd overall.


Update: Complete card information from Puzzle Dragon X. Uub's awakenings include 2 skill bind resist, I think with so many existing outstanding leaders, he is more likely going to be used as a sub. The collab-dropped Vegeta is pretty good leader for Gaia Descended. As a sub, he is not that good of a dark orb changer due to lacking a row or two prong awakening as well as a relatively high cooldown. Vegito's awakening is probably going to get looked into according to YamaP (Source: Minpuzz) which I kind of expected. Meanwhile, Goku's Super Saiyan 3's art got updated. The old one made him look like a child IMO while the new one seems more proportionate and menacing. (Art comparison at Minpuzz)


Information at Puzzle & Dragons Subreddit post

We are still missing information on Uub's awakenings, the latest gold egg addition to the rare egg machine and "Returned Saiyan, Vegeta"'s awakenings, leader and active skills. Uub's leader skill is basically Sonia's but for attackers. He's going to get compared to Sonia but without that important full board change active skill, I think that makes him slightly worse. I am guessing the dungeon drop Vegeta will be an invade and hopefully a useful card.

Regarding the new evolutions, Vegito is interestingly attacker/dragon while his active skills buff dragon and physical types. He also has fewer awakenings but still require rare evolution materials, although double two-prong is aplenty.  Perfect Cell, with his double two-prong awakenings and unconditional leader skill, is literally "perfect" now. Gotenks get 3 skill boosts and double two-prong. I hardly see people using him as a leader so his role is going to be of a very strong sub.

Theere are also some updates to the existing cards and the one that caught my eye was Trunks' double two-prong. He already has a very high attack so this update is huge! This time round, all the silver eggs return to the egg machine, which means it will be technically tougher to get a particular silver egg. (Tenshinhan and Raditz are good silver egg subs Edit: Mr. Satan and Piccolo are other good subs while Android 17 is a good low cost leader)

Being the 4th return of the collab, I think most people have gotten quite a number of rolls from its rare egg machine and the latest new additions aren't worth rolling alone IMO. It's definitely worth rolling if you do not have any gold eggs from it yet or you are a fan of Dragon Ball. Most of the gold eggs are great leaders and a couple of the silver eggs are good subs. With the future Final Fantasy Collab coming inevitably, non-IAP players and Final Fantasy fans should definitely save some stones for that as well.