Saturday, September 26, 2015

Revisiting Blackrock Mountain Heroic Mode... (Updated with Lord Victor Nefarius for full clear!)

Previously, I managed to clear the first BRM wing of heroic bosses before stopping.

I was browsing around Hearthstone sites and found out Icy Veins has some useful guides on Blackrock Mountain (BRM) Heroic Mode, created by Sottle. I followed them and managed to clear the specified boss so it was really helpful! I'll be compiling a list of the guides below that I used successfully from that site in this post.

General Drakkisath Heroic Mode
The guide provided a useful tip of pointing out that the AI will stop attacking once you get Kel'Thuzad out behind a taunt minion. I managed to pull it off although I also got lucky that Kel'Thuzad avoided spell removal. You do not have to follow the deck list provided closely or even the class as the key cards are mainly Kel'Thuzad and taunt minions.

Garr Heroic Mode
A priest deck was used and it turns out that Mass Dispel is the key card. I was lucky to be able to manage a win even though I only had 1 copy of it. It is also important to use Circle of Healing to prevent the boss from eventually clearing the Firesworn minions and summoning new copies.

Rend Blackhand Heroic Mode
I thought I won't be able to clear it as I did not have the full Priest decklist and was missing 2 Lightbomb but it wasn't really needed. It still took me a few tries though and the winning move is basically the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo on one of your high health taunt minions.

Chromaggus Heroic Mode
Another Priest deck with the Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo. The key to winning is as mentioned in the guide where you manage to stall until you get Cabal Shadow Priest to steal the boss' Chromatic Dragonkin card. The guide also mentioned which Brood Affliction cards to get rid of first, which is really helpful.

Highlord Omokk Heroic Mode
I tried the guide and followed as closely as possible to the decklist with whatever cards I have but couldn't defeat the boss. I even switched to a reincarnate shaman deck but that didn't work either. In the end, I took the idea of the Icy Veins guide which was mainly to use a warlock zoo deck with sticky minions; those that summon more than one or deathrattle to another minions, and made my own. I made something similar to the old zoo decks which can make trades while maintaining board controlm but took out most of the 1-drops as they will be killed by Omokk's hero power immediately if they weren't "sticky". It worked from the first try. Disclaimer: I got a very lucky clutch Vitality Totem drop from Piloted Shredder which helped heal my hero from low health and it helped a lot.

Here's the list I used:
2x Power Overwhelming
2x Abusive Sergeant (these are not meant to be drop on an empty board but to help in trading)
2x Dire Wolf Alpha (help in trading)
2x Echoing Ooze
2x Haunted Creeper
2x Knife Juggler
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Nerubian Egg
2x Harvest Golem
2x Imp Gang Boss (if they are destroyed by Omokk's hero power, no imp is spawned)
2x Imp-losion
2x Baron Rivendare
1x Defender of Argus
1x Gormok the Impale (I pulled him from a pack and just added him in but never got to use him in the win, probably can be replaced with another Defender of Argus)
2x Piloted Shredder
1x Bane of Doom
2x Doomguard

Baron Geddon Heroic Mode
I build a Warlock deck similar to the guide but with slight differences, Ironbeak Owl, Youthful Brewmaster, Power Overwhelming and Void Terror are all useful inclusions to handle Living Bomb. I ended up at 4 health from using the hero power to draw cards and use up mana while avoiding Baron Geddon's Hero Power throughout the match.

- 1 Void Terror (because I only had 1)
- 1 Kel'Thuzad
- 1 Sea Giant
+ 1 Youthful Brewmaster
+ 1 Gormok
+ 1 Dr. Boom (which I recently crafted. I managed to play him on curve)

Ragnaros Heroic Mode
The guide's strategy worked very well and I used it but changed some cards which I didn't have with others that fits the strategy. It took one try for me.

- 2 Lightwell (didn't have them)
- 2 Temple Enforcer (I just wanted to replace them)
- 2 Mind Control Tech (didn't have them)
- 1 Sea Giant
+ 2 Power Word: Shield (the guide mentioned it but didn't include in the decklist but I did in mine)
+ 1 Shadow Madness (Since Majordomo summoned 3/3 with Hero Power...)
+ 2 Tournament Medic (new card from TGT that fit the strategy well IMO)
+ 1 Holy Champion (new card from TGT that I just wanted to try out. She hid behind the wall of taunts and grew in strength)
+ 1 Dr. Boom (he works well in almost any deck!)

Razorgore Heroic Mode

Very easy following the deck list in the guide. It took me around 2 tries to win. This is one example where the new TGT card, Confuse is helpful and I added it in to replace some of the suggested cards I was missing.

- 2 Crazed Alchemist (didn't have them)
- 1 Big Game Hunter (only crafted one)
- 2 Mind Control Tech (didn't have them)

+ 1 Confuse
+ 2 Silence
+ 2 Power Word: Glory (another new TGT card that I thought might be useful but end up not using in the match)

Vaelastrasz Heroic Mode

Another easy match although I think there is some luck involved as you will likely end up with a full hand and get some cards milled. I took around 2 or 3 tries. I didn't have Wisp or the second Arcane Golem so I replace them with a second Blade Furry and a new TGT card, Argent Horserider.

Omnotron Defense System Heroic Mode

Not much problem following the guide but it did take multiple tries as the entire strategy hinges on being able to play Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the 6 mana turn. I replaced the 2 copies of epic spells with TGT Ancestral Knowledge and Healing Wave and a second copy of Ancestral Healing.

Maloriak Heroic Mode

The link is to the forum comments of the guide instead as I couldn't get the suggested deck to work. In the end, Bob21117's mostly basic cards Warlock deck worked for me and I relied on the bug where the A.I. will not attack your minions if you have a taunt minion and Kel'Thuzad on the board. Won it at 4 health.

Atramedes Heroic Mode

The strategy worked very well and I just replace the 2 Mind Control Techs with 2 Micro Machines. It took about one try.

Nafarian and Onyxia Heroic Mode

The final battle is surprisingly easier than Lord Victor Nefarius, the latter because he is able to get your class spells which can disrupt most strategies. I replaced the Lightwells and Mind Control Tech that I didn't have with Lightspawns and Sludge Belchers. Lightspawns didn't play any part in the battle and the Kel'Thuzad and taunt bug wasn't really required but I pulled it off anyway. It took me about 2 tries.

More to come as I try out more guides from there, which are found on the right "Related Guides" menu on the links provided above. I'm left with Lord Victor Nefarius and having tried a few times, it is quite frustrating. I may try again another time...

Lord Victor Nefarius Heroic Mode

The hardest heroic mode battle in my opinion and the guides at Icy Veins did not help so I had to rely on Bob21117's free 0 dust warrior deck to win. The strategy he provided is great but it takes a few tries to get Nafarius to draw a hand full of spells with no minions for it to work. All heroic mode cleared and I got the cardback reward!


In addition, I found this subreddit thread about using TGT cards against Heroic Modes:

It works very well as I don't think Blizzard goes back to update the A.I. against the newly released cards so there's room for exploitation.