Sunday, September 13, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan version's Batman Arkham Knight Collab

Collab Info & Gacha Rarity breakdown:

New UVO and Stat Changes:

Game8 Card Ratings:

GameWith Card Ratings: http://パズドラ

NA version got the collab earlier than Japan while Japan version was still having the Monster Hunter Collab. For the silver eggs, Catwoman is a useful coin farming leader while Harley Quinn and D/D Batman can be used for 10-cost limited dungeon if you do not have leaders for those uses yet. Evolved Harley Quinn is also an OK sub for the red Norn, Urd, but her poor awakenings mean she is only temporary until you get better subs from the normal Gacha REM. She also does not get skill-ups from the Collab dungeon and I think there are probably better choices to use your red pii-s on than her. Robin is like a mini Anubis so he is quite hard to use on normal boards but definitely a OK alternative if you do not have Anubis.

The gold egg Batmen are good dark subs, especially with their new UVOs providing more useful offensive awakenings. The new Leaderskills are good but hampered by the typing requirements so they might probably not reach HxH Collab's Gon or Killua level of power.

If you already have a coin farming leader and a low cost leader, I don't think there is a need to roll the Batman Gacha if you haven't done so before unless you are a fan of Batman. I managed to get Robin and D/D Batman silver eggs the previous time it was around and I don't find much incentive to roll the Collab Gacha again as they only added Harley Quinn. If you want Harley Quinn as a sub for Urd, it is probably better to roll the normal Gacha during a Godfest that has red carnival overlapping.