Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan version's Attack on Titan Collab (Updated 22 Sep 2015 with Game8's card ratings)

AoT Collab info in Japanese and Pictures:

AoT Gacha card info in Chinese:

GameWith AoT Gacha card ratings:

Update (22 Sep 2015):
Game8 AoT Gacha card ratings:

Armin gets the highest score for the silver eggs which is closer to what most people are probably thinking. It's another good reference for people interested in the Collab Gacha.

For the silver eggs, Armin seems like the obvious good card out of them with that Phoenix Rider's kind of active skill but GameWith's ratings say otherwise, rating Shasha and Krista higher. I think Armin is still a good defensive card but the only slight issue is that for rainbow teams like A.Ra and A.Horus, although the color coverage is good, Armin is neither a God or Devil type so he does not get those Awoken Egyptian God's leader skill boost.

For the gold eggs, Eren seems the most useful, especially if you already have a lot of red attackers. His ultimate evolution leader skill is similar to Awoken Amaterasu while he also function as a red unbindable bind clearer sub with 2 red row awakenings. 

Mikasa's leader skill is interesting in that she is essentially a blue version of Awoken Shiva (no idea about the attack multiplier scaling to combo but it should be similar), however, there are very few blue attacker or machine types. You can alternatively use red attacker/machine subs instead and also choose to pair with Awoken Shiva leaders. She is a very good blue sub for most blue teams like especially Sarasvasti and Nut team.
Update (21 Sep 2015): I noticed Mikasa can work in a Mikasa system similar to Cloud System and posted this over a the puzzleanddragonsforum.com:
"Mikasa can form the Mikasa system that is similar to Cloud System:

Mikasa x 3/ Board changer or Bind clearer/ damage booster/ Friend leader Mikasa

Board changer can be Urd or Sunmer Urd, preferably Summer Urd, etc. Edit: Forgot about Awoken Karin.

Damage Booster can be the blue card from the weapon series, Claymore, or Gotenks, etc.

Bind clearer can be L/R Amaterasu, R/R Ame, Eren, Phoenix Ikki, Rozuel, etc. 
Edit: Forgot about PAD Academy Isis

When Urd is in the team, full skill bind resist. Use Mikasas' actives each turn to get a blue TPA and form enough combos for her LS with the rest of the board."

For those who are going to roll the Collab Gacha a lot, this is probably something to consider.

Levi seems to be the least useful gold egg as his leader skill favours attackers and machines, making him similar to Sephiroth. On the other hand, a board change active skill will probably always find use though and his board change is specifically goof for Light Kali and possibly dark combo leaders.

I think the collaboration Gacha slightly favours players with plenty of red attackers due to the 2 gold eggs, Eren and Mikasa. For silver eggs, Armin is not bad but definitely not Monster Hunter Baggi kind of level. There don't seem to be any must-have cards on the power level of FF/FFCD/DBZ/MH/HXH collaboration IMO. There is no harm in perhaps pulling the gacha machine once for collection but the collaboration gacha is more for fans of the Attack on Titan series.