Saturday, July 16, 2011

Agent Analysis

I've been checking up on the 2 last Structure Decks with much interest. I'll start with the Agents in this post.

Agents staples (12)
3X Master Hyperion
2X Archlord Krystia
3X The Agent of Earth
3X Herald of Orange
1X Honest

Spells and Traps Staple (18)
Spells (9)
1X Dark Hole
1X Monster Reborn
3X Pot of Duality
1X Giant Trunade
1X Mind Control
Traps (10)
1X Solemn Judgement
2X Solemn Warning
1X Mirror Force
1X Torrential Tribute
1X Royal Oppression
1X Call of the Haunted
2X Bottomless Traphole

with Venus Turbo Variant (10)
3X The Agent of Venus
3X Mystical Shine Ball
1X The Agent of Jupiter
3X Cards from the Sky

or with My Beatdown Variant (10)
3X The Agent of Jupiter
2X Zeradias, Herald of Heaven
2X Soul of Purity and Light
3X The Sanctuary in the Sky

or with My Lightlord Variant (10)
3X Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2X Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
1X Charge of the Light Brigade
3X Cards from the Sky

I consider the top 2 list above to be the standard in my opinion. The following 3 variants are my suggestion and the Lightlord in particular may not work as it has quite a low monster count at 17.

Here's another version using the ritual monster, Herald of Perfection, ran by Luke Mattingly and he got into the Top 8. It's from the YCS Providence. Courtesy of One interesting comment in his video about the Venus version is that you might draw into the Shine Balls which aren't very helpful and I agree.