Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to Yugi

I'm been away from a very long time and recently came back to take a look at Yugioh. It seems like Machina Gadget decks are doing very well. It's a consistent beatdown deck and I've seen it a lot in the Singapore Qualifiers and is the 2011 South America Champion's deck.

It seems that the structure decks are getting more and more competitive, Agents and Dark World being the current and next powerful decks respectively. (I have no idea about Dragunity as when I browse through the recent tournament decks, hardly seen that) I think this is good for newcomers as they can buy 3 to form quite a good deck to start off. Agents, however seem to require the mandatory 3 Pot of Duality/Greederosity though.

Most of the previous decks during my time seen to be no longer around, save for Blackwings. Infernities are more or less gone? Quite a number of them ran with 1 Sirroco in the OCG tournaments and I have no idea why. I guess Dark World are the new powerful Dark decks and Agents are the "lightlords". I've seen a rise in Six Samurai but am not interested in them so I didn't bother.

One of the other thing I checked was the latest Banlist, March 2011. Not much comments there except I was quite Kalut dropped to 1 (to match with Honest?) and Goyo was banned. I think Brionac will be more suitable over Goyo. There are also signs of Dandywarrior getting hit by losing Dandylions (duh) and Debris Dragon.

That's it from me about my views on the current state of Yugioh. I'll probably try to get my hands on the 2011 World Championship DS and stick to playing that for the time being.

Happy Dueling!

Edit: I saw that Machina Gadgets was mostly untouched by the banlist and Cold Wave and Heavy Storm being banned also helped.