Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucky Number 13?

I've been checking out shriek's tournaments and seeing all the decks. Agent Angels are aplenty. Offering Gadgets seems to be the best exceed deck and I've seen a few variants running Deep-sea Divas. I think Divas benefit from Gachi Gachi Gentetsu. It used to be pretty dead when you draw it with only a Diva left in the deck and no monsters in the field to synchro. The other exceed deck I noticed are Gravekeepers and Dark World.

I read in the comments that the TCG exclusive coming in Extra Pack 4 called Gravekeeper's Recruiter is going to boost the deck-type. Gravekeeper's Spy are excellent 4 Star Exceed summons. Perhaps Diva can splash into Gravekeepers but I've yet to see a version. Gravekeepers'(GK) key card, Royal Tribute is kinda like a Crush Card Virus and Recruiter will aid in getting Commandant to get Necrovalley, making Royal Tribute a live card.

As for Dark World (DW), the structure box cover already specifies Zexal which should signal the dawn of the XYZ age. However, most of the DW decks are using Demon God Raven as a tuner for synchros. Most of them also do not use Dark World Dealings and I guess it is in fear of mirror matches. The main point I brought up about this 2 decks is because of a particular player that runs both these decks.

Google for "site:shriek.twoday.net efu"

I noticed his deck in that search result list always pack 13 monsters only. I can understand for GK as it synergies well with Royal Tribute. I'm not too sure about DW and its mechanics and looking at the trap, I guess the point of the deck is to cycle through the deck and OTK with an Return from the Different Dimension? His decks also seem to focus on exceeds and I wonder if 13 monsters is a winning formula or his personal preference.

There are a couple of other decks that can work with 13 monsters that I can think of: offering gadgets, gladiator beasts and infernities. You will have to force yourself to choose 13 of the best themed monsters mixed with the most 1 splashed monster like Sangan. Be sure not to run Allures in the dark decks!

September is around a month away and the banlist is coming. Newcomers might want to stray building the current top tier decks as they might get hit and limited. In my opinion, DW should be safe as it has not dominated as much as Agent Angels going from the Nationals (It's not allowed in SG Nationals) and OCG tournaments but I keep my fingers crossed nevertheless!

Will you be running 13 monsters in your deck?

Update: I think it works because of 3 pots of duality. The 13 monsters can still act as reference as the base monsters.