Sunday, July 17, 2011

XYZ Offering Gadgets

I'm just starting to read up on XYZ (Exceeds). It replaces Synchro Summon in the new anime series. The XYZ cards are very cool, coming in a black border. Some of the popular ones that I'm seeing being used are Gachi Gachi Gantetsu, Number 39 Utopia, Steelswarm Roaches and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis. Agents can get out Gantetsu with the Mystical Shine Balls, Gadgets can get Utopia while Dark World can try for Tiras.

One of the most interesting deck based on it will be Gadgets. It gets another Boss Monster in the form of Utopia. Here's a deck from TeamPurplePanda. A useful tip given was that Gravity Bind can be used and XYZ are unaffected by it. One problem I foresee is that you might get hands clog with Gadgets and not draw into the Ultimate Offerings.