Saturday, August 11, 2012

iOS version 1.1 update and Singapore Launch Event at Takashimaya

Version 1.1 mostly brings bug fixes. I used to get black screens on my iPhone 4 during battles. It happens mostly during before or after the start of a special move movie, the black screen just remains indefinitely. I hope this update fixes it. The other change is that the app icon has a 1.1 wording and Luffy looks clearer to me!

I just came back from the Takashimaya Toy Fair and checked out the booth there. There wasn't anyone checking it out when I was there and all the people were busy shopping for toys in the Toy Fair. There were 3 tablets (I think they were iPads) displaying the game but I didn't check them out. Instead I went over to the counter to check out the promotions. It turns out that you can get the promotional FPR01 Chopper card here by buying 3 packs. Buying 3 packs in the 7-11 here in Singapore gets you either FPR03 Ace, FPR04 Luffy, FPR05 Boa Hancock or FPR06 Jinbe but check with the staff about the promo cards before buying.

Each pack contains 3 cards and the rarity inside is random from what I gather; there is no fix number of common or rares in each pack. One pack costs $6.90 and I find it quite expensive. I guess it is probably to offset the backend Server maintenance costs. (they are up 24/7?) There is also a QR code for you to scan a boss battle with Luffy. The other important information I got from the event was that FPR02 Shanks is coming in the September issue of YG (Young Generation?) magazine. That is something to look out for!

Update: Just saw another magazine named YG. It is a fashion magazine which has a Singapore edition so you might want to look out for that if the Young Generation September Magazine does not have the promo card.

iTunes App Store link: ONE PIECE AR CARDDASS Formation (WORLD) - NamcoBandai Games Inc.