Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation Mission List with guide

Note: the keyword is 'after'.

- Win using Skilled Command

Your final attack must end with your Skilled Command.

- Win using a special move/Win with a special move.

Your final attack must end with your special move.

- Win after using a special move.

You have to execute a special move any round during the match. Finishing with it should be ok too.

- Win after using an item.

You have to use an item any round during the match. I simply choose the cheapest meat.

- Win after using an item 3 times.

This can be tricky. I suggest to start using items from the start as you can only use item once per round. Otherwise, you might kill the opponent before you use up 3 items.

- Win without taking a special move. (I think you are suppose to avoid AI's special move, to be safe, don't use yours as well)

This isn't too difficult but you can use those characters with abilities to remove special move mark for an easier time. Using Mantra Pose Activation characters help too.

- Win with your HP above 50%

Nothing difficult as well but use damage reduction/move negation character for an easier time.

- Win without taking any damage.

This is one of the toughest missions. Move negation or Mantra Pose activation characters is recommended but you still need a degree of luck. You can restart the mission anytime you get hit but will lose any item used.

- Win without using recovery items.


- Win after a draw match.

You need a draw match anytime in the match. Using Mantra Pose Activation characters.

- Win after inflicting Critical Damage.

You need a critical hit any round during the match. Using Mantra Pose Activation characters to get easier win for a trump command to activate critical.

- Win after using special moves twice or more.

This is tricky. I suggest to use characters that take the least number of special moves (2) mark to activate the special move before the match finishes.

- Win after inflicting Critical Damage twice.

This is another tricky one. Use Mantra Pose Activation characters.

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