Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Piece AR Carddass Formation Promotions from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

I decided to use abbreviation for the game title from now on as it is too long. These are the promotions I've gathered that are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and they come from comics and magazines. If I'm not wrong, all 3 countries uses the World version of the app.

Hong Kong
FPR01 Chopper is given in the Bandai Ani-Con 2012. (It seems you just need to ask for it at their booth but the Entrance Fee: $30)
FPR02 Shanks is given in One Piece Manga Book #66 by publisher Jonesky
FPR07 Luffy is given in Milk Magazine #575

FPR02 Shanks is given in One Piece Manga Book #66 by publisher Tong Li. I managed to get one from the Singapore Comic Connection stores. It gives a  It is selling the packs too at the same price as 7-11 ($6.90) and they do not give out any promotional packs. The manga also gives out a Princess Shirahoshi/Brook poster card.

FPR01 Chopper given at the Takashimaya Crazy Toy Fair when you buy 3 packs.
FPR02 Shanks given in September issue of YG Magazine.

I think there is a high chance that Singapore's One Piece Manga Volume 66 by Chuang Yi publisher will get a promotional card too. What's left is the FPR07 Luffy so let's keep our fingers crossed for that!

Update #1: I found Chuang Yi's One Piece Manga Volume 66 in Comic Connection and it does not contain any cards give-away!

Update #2: Confirmed that FPR02 Shanks is in Issue 577 of Young Generation Magazine in Singapore.

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