Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pokemon TCG Online: Fairy Deck Skeleton from Resilient Life Theme Deck *Updated with a Top 4 Worlds 2014 decklist*

Update#3: Hitoshi Omura of Japan has another version of the Aromatisse deck in the Junior Division. His version is even more "toolboxy" as it has a lot of 1-ofs EX Pokemon and only Aromatisse as the Fairy Pokemon in the deck along with zero Fairy energy.

Update#2: Michikazu Tsuda of Japan took a Aromatisse Variant (combined with Mega Kangaskhan) to Worlds 2014 Master Division Top 4 finish. The decklist can be found in the Official Pokemon site. Here's an article from ProPokemon on the deck and also covers some ideas on how to adapt the deck for the new Standard format. Lastly, The Top Cut website also feature a version of that deck some time back and it includes a gameplay video too.

Update#1: Newer Skeleton List

PokeBeach Forum Aromatisse Variants Metagame Deck Archive Thread

"What I like about this deck is that a new player who are buying their first cards can have a good skeleton just by buying two theme decks.

4 Xerneas
2-2: Slurpuff
2-2: Aromatisse

4 Tierno 
2 Sycamore
2 Roller Skates
2 Fairy Garden
2 Super Potion

10 Fairy

You got some support pokemon, energy acceleration, a stadium. a decent attacker, and some draw. I'd probably add in:
  • 3-5 other strong basics (Bouffalant is effective and at least one good EX like Mewtwo)
  • 6-8 more supporters or draw cards (Skyla, more Sycamore, and Shauna or N)
  • 4-5 search cards (level ball and ultra ball)
  • 6-10 other trainers (EXP share, Super Rod, Tool Scrapper, muscle band, more potions) 

I also think Xerneas could be an alternative to Victini EX for decks can use fairy energy acceleration (that Dragonite deck comes to mind and maybe Stoutland for those wanting to try something different). It could also take advantage of the fairy garden stadium card to ease retreating."

The theme deck is of course referring to the Resilient Life deck. I'm not a fan of cards with abilities that require coin toss so I won't recommend the Roller Skates in the above list.