Monday, October 6, 2014

Thefishou's Aggro Mage

Gosugamers Article Link containing decklist

According to the article, it went 5-1 during the group stages so I think it is pretty consistent. Another thing I notice about the deck is that it runs only one Legendary card, Bloodmage Thalnos like Hyped's Miracle Rogue variant, this might be the new "first legendary craft" for new players after the Leeroy nerf. I also think this deck will probably be more suited for Ladder compared to Hyped's Rogue and it is a relatively cheap deck; Bloodmage Thalnos will have to be substituted with another cheap minion, like Harvest Golem, until you save enough dust or get it from packs. The article did state that there were 2 unknown cards, so you can also experiment around with those 2 slots.