Friday, October 31, 2014

Monster Strike Impressions, Privacy Policy and Links to Tips and Guide

US App Store link

Japan App Store link

Google play Store link

This is a game that I've been wanting to try but it kept failing at the downloading portion at the start in the Japan version; I tried again after a long period of time but it still failed and I eventually given up. Now that it is localised in English (only available in US region stores though), I decide to give it another try.

I manage to get pass the download screen and create an account, however, I started the game with an account with a different name and tutorial already finished; it seemed to be someone else's account. The weirder part was when I switch to Wifi, the account changed to another one with further progress as well as a lot of rolls already done but I get an error trying to access dungeons. It seems like the game is not syncing up accounts correctly.

Luckily, I was able to get a taste of the gameplay with the first account before it starting failing at connection. The game is basically like Marbles or Billiards in play-style while featuring collectible characters as the marbles/balls. It also has multiplayer of up to 4 players but everybody needs to be nearby. I think the game is a breath of fresh air in terms of Mobile Games but unfortunately I have given up proceeding further in the game due to the bugs I face after many retries.

Another point of interest regarding the game was its privacy policy that was sounded out by a reviewer in the US App Store. It stated that the game collects a lot of data! Here's the link to the actual Privacy Policy:

Monster Strike Privacy Policy

If you go through it, it seems rather daunting as the many things that the game collect is spelled out so clearly. In comparison, here's GungHo's(maker of Puzzle & Dragons):

GungHo Privacy Policy (US)

It also collects "Personal Information" but has not presented it like Monster Strike's. I guess it is always a good practice to read up on a software's privacy policies before using.

At this point of writing, Monster Strike is at the top of the Top Grossing Chart in Japan iTunes store, dethroning Puzzle & Dragons which is huge in Japan. This is definitely a game to check out, you might not face the same issues as me.

Here are 2 forum threads which have info and tips for the game:

- The Something Awful Forums
( There is re-rolling in the game as pointed out there and the data to delete for re-roll is "data10.bin".)

- Singapore Hardwarezone Forum
(Based on the Japan version but most of the tips and guide should still be relevant)