Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Miracle Rogue from Hyped (Updated with TidesofTime version link)

Update#3: Found TidesofTime version from Viagame's House Cup decklists, as reported on GosuGamers.

Update#2: Deck List from Hearthstone Top Deck.

Update#1: After taking another look at the decklist, I notice it is actually a little fusion between Miracle Rogue and Turn 6/Backspace Aggro Rogue with the Arcane Golem and Coldlight Oracle, which was a cool innovation from Hyped.

I was checking out the WCA Hearthstone Tournament on Twitch and chanced on Hyped's matches with Savjz. He was playing a new version of Miracle Rogue, without Leeroy. It looks pretty cool and was able to win games fairly quickly. Here's the Reddit thread about it.

This is the deck list put together by them from the games. The discussion is also warning that it is more suited as a tournament deck than a deck to run rank ladder.

I've also been checking out the Hearthstone Top Deck site and notice a huge decline in Hunters deck, understandably from the huge nerf to Buzzard. The other surprise was to see Sludge Belcher overthrow Defender of Argus as the most played rares in the Most Played Cards list. I learnt from the WCA Tournament commentary that Sludge Belcher fits into most decks and Hyped's Tempo Storm teammate, TidesofTime, even uses it in his Miracle Rogue variant.

The WCA Hearthstone Tournament is currently ongoing at this time of writing and you can find the stream and past broadcasts on Kripparrian's Twitch page.