Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kranich and Firebat's BlizzCon Hunter Decks and Thoughts on crafting now

I was checking out Kranich's Hunter Deck used in BlizzCon and it contains Defender of Argus as well as Cult Master that he mentioned in his interview. It is also quite budget-friendly with Loatheb as the only legendary. (Most of the Hunter and Warlock Zoo decks are budget-friendly) I managed to craft it out with the limited dust I had and tried it out in casual matches.

I think quite a number of players are expecting Snake Traps nowadays when facing Hunter so they try to play around it by destroying your minions with spells instead of attacking into them if possible. With Snake Trap being a key component to the deck in my opinion, I think those counter-playstyle affects the deck's success a lot. I did manage to combo the trap with Cult Master as well as Defender of Argus each about once and it was pretty cool. I find Knife Juggler getting a lot of value if combo-ed into Snake Trap and really should be a key to the deck. Kranich only included one copy so the chances of making the combo was rare which leads me to Firebat's version next.

He included 2 Knife Juggler which definitely make the combo more consistent. I used my remaining dust to craft his deck and am now in the process of trying it out. His version does not include the Cult Master or Defender of Argus but instead had Ironbeak Owl and Dire Wolf Alpha most noticeable among other changes. I also like having one more trap, Freezing Trap, to mix things up as well as being one more target for Mad Scientist. I find Firebat's version more fun partly due to the higher consistency of Knife Juggler and Snake Trap combo. After all, his earlier version was named 2x Flare Deathstar!

Going forward, I think it might be interesting to combine the 2 versions and try to tinker out one that is hopefully the best of both worlds. While crafting, I also realise that it should now be relatively safe to craft missing cards from the existing set as long as you are going to spend all future gold on the expansion packs. There's no need to worry about getting duplicates and wasting your dust in the process if you are no longer buying "their packs".