Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Puzzle & Dragons: GameWith's Sample Team Resource (with Saint Seiya and Battle Tournament Leader teams)


I wrote about this website previously and its Sample Team Resource has since been updated with Saint Seiya and Battle Tournament (BT) Collaboration Leader teams! The BT Collaboration is currently ongoing in the Japan version and it's Gacha machine has pretty good rolls overall compared to a lot of the other Collaborations; mostly useful subs with good awakenings and a lot of them are skill-able easily. I also like the artwork a lot and think the "theme" resembles Shaman King/Pokemon.

Saint Seiya's Collaboration is coming up right after this one and I think the most useful rolls from that Gacha is actually the Gold Eggs and they will be hard to get. That Gacha is going to be updated with more characters and new ultimate evolutions so that is something to look forward to.