Friday, November 21, 2014

Kranich's World Championship Combo Warrior Deck and World Championship Youtube Videos (Updated Kranich's Twitch page link)

Update: Kranich started streaming on Twitch and here's his page.

Kranich took an interesting Warrior deck to the World Championship and it was a variation of the Control Warrior deck with lots of legendaries. However, the main finisher is the Inner Rage + Charge + Raging Worgen combo which deals 16 damage with 3 cards and 6 mana. You would normally Alextrasza first to get the opponent to 15 health points for the kill or you'll have to slowly grind the opponent down to that range. The other card that is not usually seen in Warrior Decks but used was Wild Pyromancer which probably served as another Raging Worgen enabler.

Kranich's version still had a lot of legendaries so it is not exactly budget friendly but there is a version by Neirea which is cheaper in cost, posted by S_treaks in the LiquidHearth forum. I tried out a version of it, replacing cards I do not have with Sludge Belcher and Sen'jin Shieldmasta to stall until I can pull off the combo. It was one of the most fun deck I have played so far with the limited cards I have. It is really satisfying to finish the game with the combo as it is played from the hand and is so unexpected.

You can see Kranich's deck in action against Kolento in the final game of the Quarter-finals series as well as the other World Championship matches over at the Hearthstone Youtube channel Videos section.