Monday, May 4, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: New Weapon Series in Japan Version (Updated#2 with YouTube video links)

Source: Translation by Madao over at Puzzle & Dragons forum

They have nice stat, great awakenings and beautiful artwork IMO but having them all be attacker type and with active skill boosting attackers only kind of limits their team options by a lot, not to mention that their color change is already not very synergistic as most teams usually just want to be mono-colored. I'm not sure if their active skill only changes their main color but even so, only the blue one, Claymore, will benefit in Urd, Theurgia and Gotenk teams. (Edit: plus the light one, Kopis, for Ars Nova teams.)

Their introduction in the Murakore Festival will also feature the removal (temporary for the festival period only?) of light valkyrie, fire, water and wood Golems from the Egg Machine (Source in chinese by PAD Skyozora) although I personally prefer Vampire or Gigas over the former as she is at least a descend drop with a certain degree of difficulty. I rather get the featured valkyries over the new weapon series if I were to roll in it though.

Update: The leader skills information are out. (Source: Puzzle Dragon X) The leader skills just doesn't make much sense right now IMO. I really think their sub-colour should be the colour the active skill changes into and when activated, do a swap of the colours, so they work better with their own leader skill. I'm guessing that perhaps it will eventually be that and the developers are still creating the animation and effect for a proper swap of the main and sub-type colour during skill activation.

Update#2: I was wrong about their usefulness as leaders. Their teams basically consist of subs that are their changed colour and mostly focused on two-prongs. It doesn't matter that their leader skill do not boost their own main colour, they are a team of 3.5x attack multiplier when above 50% for subs and a 5.25x attack multiplier when above 50% with their low cool down skill activated for the entire team minus one of the leader if you are pairing with the same leader. They are actually pretty strong!

I was able to find YouTube videos of them except for Kopis (Light) but he should work similarly to Claymore (Blue). Masamune's (Green) and Zeihander's (Dark) teams are probably harder to form as there are fewer blue attackers.

Shotel clearing Paradis of the Holy Beasts by Kui 34: YouTube link

Claymore clearing Thoth & Sopdet Descended by M パズラー: YouTube link

Masamune clearing Dragon Ball Collab 2 by SABER Channel: YouTube link

Zweihander farming Red Mechdragon by Kosuke of AppBank: YouTube link