Friday, May 15, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: My thoughts on the latest Gungho Collab Pal Egg Machine Cards (Updated#3)

Update#3: I realised the machine has arrived for the English version and it includes the latest card that was added to the Japan PEM: Yukari. I have the card and never got around to using her. Her low CD will be very useful for leaders that require active skill activation to burst but being a silver egg, I don't think I will consider putting her into my teams. She's like poor man's version of Cerberus Rider. I have the complete set of Gungho Collab PEM cards but didn't use them at all other than Archer, which I kept at the original base form for low rarity to S-rank a dungeon once. I only managed to get Pianis the last time the PEM returned in Japan (probably 3rd to 4th appearance) to complete the set. I think she's probably the best card in the set and a leader that will see use.

Update#2: Full information for 3 and 4 stars are out at PAD Skyozora. Updated their section.

Update: The 3 and 4 stars cards have evolution versions which are not revealed yet. The art can be seen at PAD Skyozora. I don't think it matters that much due to their active skill being pretty much "locked in" but will have a look again and update this post when we get more information.

It's really nice to have more usage for pal points other than trying for rare evo materials and we have another Pal Egg Machine with new cards this time round. The new cards will be joining the mini three kingdom heroes that I wrote about previously: Mini-heroes of Three Kingdoms Friend Pal Egg Machine cards thoughts.

Official information and pictures of the cards from Gungho's website
Pad Skyozora with the Chinese translation
Puzzle Dragon X has the information on the 2 6-stars but not on the other cards yet at this time of writing


Arthur from Divine Gate
After Gold Saint Seiya and Yo, we have another gold egg Balanced-based leader. I didn't find many people using Yo while the Gold Saint's leader skill moved away to God-type. Arthur's leader skill is different though and more powerful IMO; an unconditional 3.5x attack for Balanced type. While there is not a lot of blue Balanced type support for Yo, there are a bit more subs for light Balanced type, with quite a few farmable ones like Eco Tiny Alma and GC CRAB, who both have rows, and light mystic knight. The prominent rare egg machine subs will be ultimate evolution Indra and green/light Genbu, who can create a board of green and light orbs with the light mystic knight. His awakenings are really good too so I think he is a leader that will be picked up by a lot.

Pianis from Summons Board
Her artwork is really similar to the blue Egyptian 2.0, Nut, to me. It looks like they can pair up to lead a blue tank team. Her awakenings are very good like Arthur but her active skill is lacklustre IMO. I don't think she is going to be a very strong pick to lead with.


Kyuubi and Ancient Wood Beast from Summons Board
I can't think of much use for them... even for low cost teams, I think there are much better farmable options.

Update#2:  Their evolved version brings them up to 12 cost and 2 awakenings each, so they can be used for Tengu Descended, etc. Overall, I think the 3 stars evolved versions look more impressive. One thing I missed out is that Kyuubi's active is 2 turns. I don't know if it will be enough but he can probably be used for some form of speed farming teams.


Archer, Esper and Dracula from Princess Punt
I think these are mostly for skill-ups as their rarity doesn't seem suitable for S-ranking, other than maybe Archer for green teams and Dracula for color-matching leaders. It's nice to get Cu Chulainn/Green Valkyrie and Cupid skill-ups because they don't have easily farmable skill-ups, even though we are starting to get Poring Tower as a coin dungeon.(Edit: I mistook the Gungho Collab as Poring Tower in the coin dungeon!) Dracula sounds so cool but he is a skill up for orb refresh which we can easily get from green goblins so he is really bad for that purpose.

Update#2: Their evolved version brings them up to 10 cost and with some nice awakenings. They might be useful for low cost descends team buildings but IMO, unless you have ample box space and  want to try different teams for clearing low cost descends, I will personally feed them for skill ups to free up box space.

Overall, I find the mini three kingdom heroes more useful than most of these new cards. The 2 6 star gold cards are nice leaders but not that useful as subs even with the nice awakenings; Arthur is a boost for Balanced type so you need a specific team build for that and I don't see a lot of teams using counter damage active skills like Pianis'. However, if you have no need for rare evo materials, this gacha is always a nice place to spend your pal points.