Monday, May 11, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: A look at the Japan's Battle Tournament Collaboration Egg Machine Cards (Update with a note on Leona)

PAD BT Collaboration is back at this time of writing and as I have not written about it yet although it has already returned for quite a few times, this post will be about the cards you get from their egg machine. There are quite a lot of useful silver egg subs in this pool that are skill-able, so it is definitely worth rolling a few times for. For additional reference, here's GameWith with the card ratings. The artwork is really cool and one of my favourite series, with the human characters next to the PAD creatures making them like Shaman King or Pokemon.

I'm curious about their English name conversion as well as some of their sex as I can't really tell from their artwork but I manage to find the information here from their CV cards at Inner World. I'm going with the English names from that site as well. The character cards can be found on the Official website as well.

Silver Eggs
Chika & Minerva
The least useful card IMO. If she ever gets an evolution with an active skill change to Awoken Minerva's, she will be very good though.

Leona & Siren
This next card is slightly better than Chika but at the moment, I hardly see Siren used in teams nowadays other than with the Juggler. She is nevertheless still a skill-able fast heart-maker with a blue row awakening. Being a Blue Balanced type, she is also a possible sub for Yo & Siegfried.
Update: I totally forgot about Awoken Lakshmi who Leona is a good sub for, especially with the blue row awakening!

Folen & Artemis
She is still a nice sub for green teams, with a nice double orb change with a green row awakening. She isn't as impressive due to her counterpart being from a God pantheon and the green being focused on two-prong awakenings lately.

Murakumo & Gigas
The red fast heartbreaker attacker with a red row awakening is definitely an upgrade over the Red Goblin and Gigas. His "exclusiveness" has fallen slightly due to the release of School Gang Leader Gigas, as he has a row enhance too. He is always useful to red row teams and his attacker type difference over Gigas is another factor when team building too.

Patricia & Valkyrie
She is an alternative to Valkyrie with a light row awakening that is still often used in light row teams. Being physical type, she also offers a lot of HP. A very useful sub to have.

Henry & Chaos Devil Dragon
One of the best silver eggs as he brings something new to most dark row teams. He provides the blue to dark orb change from Cyclone Devil Dragon while having 3 useful awakenings. You'll often find people combo-ing Haku's board change with his active to generate a board of red and dark orbs, an alternative to the Haku and Hanzo active skill combo.

Gold Eggs
Tinnin & Angel
Her ultimate evolution was introduced with this return of the collaboration and it made her a useful defensive unbindable bind removal sub for dragon and healer teams. While she doesn't offer a different sub-color, she brings with her a skill boost, a skill bind resist, healing and a two-prong which are all really nice. As a leader, she can't handle as much descends as most other top tier leaders due to her full health requirements and to dungeon mechanics like pre-emptive strikes and over 90% gravity. She is mostly going to be used as a quick farming leader for normal dungeons. A nice and useful card for collection with a great and cute artwork IMO. She has a skill-up from Saint Seiya Collab as well as a new one added now as a drop from the final boss of the BT Collab dungeon and the new one's artwork is very cute as well!

Yo & Siegfried
He really has potential as a blue balanced tank team or a pairing with Wadatsumi for an all round blue balanced team. The problem is the lack of blue balanced card support with all the balanced focused on green. It is a similar situation with the Gold Saint Seiya and his leader skill was changed to be for God instead although balanced do provide the mystic knights for quick orb change. I can hardly find people using him or Wadatsumi from the friend list and the 3 "adventurers" leader while I still see Tinnin now and then. Even the Japan Friend finder site doesn't list him at the moment! What he is right now is a great double orb changer and damage reduction for blue row teams. Unless his future evolution changes his leader skill or blue balanced cards get more support, he will most likely remain as a blue sub.
Update: Just realised he has the same leader skill as ultimate evolution Chiyome! If you think about just how many people will want to lead with Chiyome, you'll get why Yo isn't a popular leader at all.

I did a little research on the BT arcade game and there don't seem to be any new characters but the existing characters did get new costumes. (Source: Senpai Gamer) It will be nice if the PAD cards get different costumes makeover from evolution like PAD Academy's Athena. Unlike most collaborations, this egg machine has a high possibility of getting something useful so it is definitely worth rolling for.