Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Thoughts on the new Rider Series for Japan version (A new edit note for Kraken Rider)

Stats, active skills and awakenings information are out at Puzzle Dragon X

When they were first announced, I thought they were going to be improved version of the Mythical Beast Series, maybe something on top of the orb enhance during skill activation. Although that may be a little boring, it will definitely be more useful than what was announced IMO. These new riders all get unique active skills that are mostly defensive save for Griffin Rider while Cerberus Rider get a weird 99 fixed damage attack at 2 turns cool-down. They all get identical awakenings with the row enhance for their respective colour and double two-prongs which are nice but I think they are let down by their active skills with Griffin Rider being the exception. Their leader skills are similar to the Norn/Grimoire series but I don't think people will likely lead with them. In terms of overall design,  I actually find the previous released Warriors Series better.

Phoenix Rider
He reminds me of Dosubagyi & Bagyineko, the blue defensive sub from Monster Hunter Collab but weaker in terms of the active skill. His colours basically just scream Urd sub but the only things that is benefitting her team are the stats and awakenings but in terms of providing double two-prongs, Red Valkyrie, Awoken Hinokagutsuchi and Chibi Chiyome are way ahead of him. He could be a situational replacement for Echidna for defensive purposes because she is about the only defensive subs I see in red teams; they are mostly focusing on being as offensive as possible.
Update: I was checking through teams for Set as I rolled him in the recent God Festival and it turns out he does not have a lot of Red main with Blue subs so Phoenix Rider seems like a possible sub for him.

Kraken Rider
She seems to be specifically tailored for Awoken Lakshmi with that active skill of hers. The only other use will be for Juggler and the Juggler like new God Festival exclusives. For mono blue teams, I guess she is an improvement over Siren but I hardly find teams using Siren nowadays. It seems like Skuld, the blue Norn, already had so much support that Kraken Rider didn't had to be Blue/Green. Update: She can also be a possible sub for Trunks and Blue/Green Seiryuu, Karin teams because they do activate with a combination using hearts. She might change away the other required orbs though which makes the activation tricky... Edit: She can combine with Blue Sonia's active to generate a suitable board for both Trunks and Blue/Green Seiryuu but you require at least eight dark orbs on the generated board from Blue Sonia.

Griffin Rider
The best card in this series IMO because his active skill is actually the most offensive one and also help activate his double two-prongs. He fits in nicely with the green attacker teams. Similar to Kraken Rider, he is not in the supportive colours of Verdandi, the green Norn. Urd really has so few support compared to her other two sisters!

Unicorn Rider
The light equivalent to Kraken Rider with that 5 heal orb spawning. I'm guessing she is support for an upcoming new light God Festival Exclusive and along with Gadius and Typhon, has the Juggler-like leader skill.

Ceberus Rider
His active skill is really weird but must have some kind of application to the game that I haven't figured out yet other than sniping those high armoured monster, which means he has a niche use.

In conclusion, I'm not very excited about this new series due to their active skills. I rather get an egg from the Warrior Series over them if given a choice. Interestingly, only Kraken Rider and Unicorn Rider are featured in the upcoming Murakore Festival's 3x for selected cards instead of the entire series. Awoken Lakshmi users might want to try to roll for the Kraken Rider then. The festival also signals the removal of silver and star egg versions of Gigas and Vampire, 2 farmable cards, which is always nice.