Thursday, December 25, 2014

Puzzle & Dragons: Mini Heroes of Three Kingdoms Pal Egg Machine for Japan Version (Updates)

Update: Event announced on Gungho website. You can also get 2000 pal points each, for a total of 4000 pal points, from the bottom second dungeon of both the Challenge and Descend Challenge Dungeons. (Links to with the information in Chinese. You can tell if the reward is pal points from mails with a silver coin icon)

Pazusoku blog article
Puzzle Dragon X news containing card list

This new pal egg machine that should be coming soon is probably going to cost 1000 pal points each pull and they are similar to the Chibi Chinese Gods from the Christmas Gacha, similar skills but with orb enhance awakenings instead except Mini Zhao Yun. (No news on this coming to other regions yet) I think they are mostly for collection purposes, skilling-up their original versions, low-cost dungeons (especially Mini Cao Cao!) and S-ranking dungeons. Edit: They have better stats then the Chibi Chinese Gods as they require evolving and go up to level 99. Most of the difference with the original version are around a loss of about 500 HP. I think those with double orb enhance of the same color makes for good subs for orb enhance focused teams.

For team usage, Mini Zhuge Liang will be a good leader for fast farming dungeons while Mini Lu Bu and Sun Quan will be good enhancer subs for devil and healer teams., especially Mini Lu Bu as most people without Lu Bu are using King Baddie. Similar to the Chibi Chinese Gods, I think all of them are useful leaders in the early game for people starting out. I really like how they make use of Pal Points instead of stones as having another choice to use your Pal Points is great since they removed the Metal Dragon Pal Egg event. I hope this returns often with every new event.

Merry Christmas to all readers!