Monday, December 22, 2014

Hearthstone: Neirea's Warrior and Darkwonyx Warlock Decks

From Hearthstone Top Decks Deck Section:
Neirea's Warrior Deck

Darkwonyx's Warlock Deck

Neirea's deck is similar to Kranich's one from BlizzCon 2014 except it is replaces all of the legendaries to focus solely on the Raging Worgen combo finisher. Darkwonyx's Warlock deck on the other hand is kinda similar in that I think it is mainly stalling to get the Arcane Golem-Power Overwhelming-Faceless Manipulator combo.

I didn't really catch Neirea's deck in action but I think it will do better with an Alexstrasza. I used to run something like that as I did not have the legendaries and I find myself defending till I draw the combo pieces but am still unable to finish off the opponent as their health was usually untouched; Darkwonyx's Warlock deck does run one.