Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hearthstone Dreamhack Winter 2014 Top 8 Players' Decklist


I was looking through Kolento's decks and the interesting thing is that he didn't play Zoo or Hunter but still uses very little Legendaries in his decks other than Warrior Control and that was really impressive. They are definitely more "netdeck-friendly" than most of the other non-zoo/hunter competitive decks.

The other interesting thing about this list is that there is only one Shaman deck, played by Faramir and it is also very budget-friendly with zero Legendaries. He also made an interesting choice in dropping a Lightning Storm, which I will consider a staple card in Shaman decks, for Bloodlust. Edit: I missed out the point that there is zero Paladin decks in the list! I remember there was only one Paladin deck in BlizzCon so the popularity of Paladin is really low at the moment.