Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hearthstone: Deck Wars S3 finals decks with GvG cards

Source: article with deck lists

Match Video: Machinima Twitch Past Broadcast Video

I managed to catch this matchup between Firebat and Rdu. GvG cards were used and this has to be one of the first Pro matches with those cards. The interesting decks for me were Firebat's Hunter and Control Warrior decks.

The Hunter deck was beast-themed with 0 Undertakers and Secrets which was a refreshing change. The Warrior deck was very impressive, winning 3 matches in a row as well as making the best use of GvG cards IMO. It did not use Armorsmith interestingly. It instead made use of Explosive Sheep in the 2 mana slot for another board area-of-effect (AOE) damage by proc-ing them with Whirlwind or Death Bite's Deathrattle. There was a play where Firebat used both for a 5-damage AOE board clear. Shieldmaiden also made up for Armorsmith well and even provided a 5-5 body on board. It also cannot be silenced to deny armor.

Rdu's decks were mostly current decks with very few GvG cards except for the Paladin deck. I was not very impressed by the Paladin deck (I just think it may not be the final version with certain cards being possibly change around perhaps) although for the Priest deck, I agree with using a single copy of Shrinkmeister and Recombobulator as I've been trying out Control Priest for a while. I think double copies of them do clogged up the hand. Notably, he did not include Vol'jin which I thought will be an auto-include now after GvG.