Friday, December 5, 2014

Hearthstone Goblins vs Gnomes Release Date, Launch Event and Balance Changes (Update: Free Arena run and card balance changes are now live)

- The free arena run is now being given away till 8 December. Source: Hearthpwn
- The card balance changes are also live and the disenchanting timeframe for full dust is until 18 December. Source: forum
- Expansion cards can be gotten from Webspinners! The best way to try it is through the Naxxramas' Hunter Challenge in my opinion. Source: Hearthpwn
- *New* The Goblin vs Gnomes board is also in-game now.

The expansion will be out on 8 December 2015. Source: Blizzard news

The most interesting information was this datamined by HearthPwn about the launch event: a free arena ticket (arena will be giving out the expansion pack as rewards by then) and 3 expansion packs when you login during the launch event!

Another piece of interesting news is the upcoming balance changes coming to 3 existing cards announced on the Hearthstone Official Forums:

- Soulfire will cost 1 mana.

- Gadgetzan Auctioneer will cost 6 mana.

- Flare will cost 2 mana.

Nothing too drastic this time round compared to the previous balance change, although the Gadgetzan Auctioneer change might change Miracle Rogue decks. Not only does the Auctioneer now comes out a turn later, costing 1 mana more also reduces the number of spells you can play with it on the same turn.

I think the Soulfire change is reasonable as most people try to play Soulfire on an empty hand anyway so the cost is now 1 mana for 4 damage, although I will prefer Blizzard to just make the discard portion compulsory. Pokemon TCG does it to their Trainer cards which requires discarding too and I think it makes it much "fairer".

I think the Flare change is fine as well because of the amount of effects the card packs. 2 mana for a card draw plus removing opponent's secret still makes Flare a good card. Edit: It also removes stealth so that is 3 effects in total.