Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hearthstone GvG: Priest Shadowboxer fun!

Update#2: Shadowboxer OTK video by Sharthstone discussed over at the Hearthstone sub-Reddit. I think it takes too many cards to work but maybe you can still pull off quite a lot of damage with fewer of the combo pieces. 

Update#1: Amaz was playing a Mech Priest deck on his stream recently and it includes Shadowboxer! Check out his 11 December past broadcast if you missed.

I opened 24 GvG packs from saved 2000+ gold, the free arena run's pack and 3 launch events pack but did not get any legendaries. I did get a lot of Mechs but am still missing some common ones. I did manage to get 2 Shadowboxer and although a lot of attention was put on Shrinkmeister, I decide to build a Priest deck around them. It turned out to be quite fun.

Shadowboxer is similar to Knife Juggler except that it requires you to have a few minions on board and hopefully injured before you can activate it multiple times. It also survives better in the sense that it has 3 health and I think it is ok to drop on turn two although like Shrinkmeister, it is probably better to drop on a more developed board for value.

Some of the cards to combo with are mass healing spells like Circle of Healing, Holy Nova and I even tried Darkscale Healer. Do note that Circle of Healing heals your opponent's minions so it's best to use that combo on minions capped at 1-2 health, already at full health or against an empty board. I then fit in the deck with the rest of the standard Priest cards (except Auchanei Soulpriest as I don't have it) and also Shrinkmeister because it just has so much synergy with Priest cards. I didn't have Light of the Naaru or Lightwell to try out but those can also combo with Shadowboxer. I had Anique Healbot but I prefer Darkscale Healer for the area of effect healing. Some of the other cool interactions is Shadowboxer activates when your opponent tries to heal as well which was hilarious.

Overall, I don't know if it will be a competitive deck but it sure was fun. That's what games are about, right?