Friday, December 12, 2014

Hearthstone: Forsen GvG Control Priest

I was watching Forsen's stream over at Twitch and saw him using a Control Priest with GvG cards. I've been trying out Control Priest (without legendaries) and using the standard list (an example will be Kolento's list from Dreahack Winter 2014) from before GvG and trying to fit in Recombobulator  and Shrinkmeister.

I had difficulty fitting them in and ended up using just 1 of each with a list similar to Rdu's in Deck Wars S3. Forsen manages to fit 2 Shrinkmeister and a Recombobulator in a much non-standard Control Priest deck (Warning: Deck name contains expletives!). He does not run Circle of Healing, Injured Blademaster or Auchenai SoulPriest cards at all! I think his second form of board clear comes from Lightbomb. It is quite effective, especially against a board of Giants, for example, clearing the 8-8-s with ease. You would previously needed 3 cards to clear the board: Auchenai SoulPriest with 2 Circle of Healings.

You can catch the deck in action in Forsen's past broadcast video on 11 December 2014 at