Monday, December 15, 2014

Puzzle & Dragons Japan's Christmas Gacha 15 December tthrough 25 December (Updated)

Update: 50ShadesOfKray's thoughts on the Christmas REM at the sub-Reddit. The point being that the chibi silver eggs are good leaders for new players. Although most new player will probably be re-rolling till they get a good leader, having a variety of leaders is nice for the elemental advantage.

Gacha Cards are Number 1782 to 1794 from Puzzle Dragon X News article

It includes the tricolor Magician Girls and Chinese Gods at 4x rate which had me confused for a while thinking this will be a good chance to get the Chinese Gods. However, the Magician Girls and Chinese Gods are gold eggs in the Gacha so their 4x rate is for gold eggs. That really dilutes the chance of getting a christmas exclusive gold eggs even more IMO which is a real bummer. You can still expect to get mostly silver eggs which are the chibi Chinese Gods.

The chibi gold eggs are good replacements for their normal versions with better enhancements. The chibi silver eggs are good for low cost dungeons as their stats are quite poor and cap at level 70, they all retain their normal version's leader skills so chibi Kirin is especially powerful. Christmas Genie and Christmas Kirin are nice leaders, especially Christmas Kirin, but as usual with Collab gold egg leaders, it might be tough to find friend leaders.