Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hearthstone GvG launch aftermath: Arena meta and Hearthpwn's GvG theory-crafted decks

A lot of people at the Hearthstone subReddit are finding the Arena different with the addition of GvG. It seems to be more aggro-oriented now as with the increase in the number of cards, getting board clear spells seem harder. I think that could be random but I did draft a Mage with only 1 Fireball and 0 Flamestrikes from the free Arena ticket run. Anyway, here are the threads on it:

Aggressive player's helpful advice

I am immediately so much worse at Arena

HearthPwn's recent article has a nice section on GvG deck concepts. They are mostly Mech-themed which is really what the expansion is "shaping" decks into with all the Mech support and minions in it. There were quite a few decks that are quite budget-friendly IMO with minimal Legendaries used:

Warrior's The Assembly line by TheChiv

Mech Shaman by Nuba

Beasty Zoo by Sparkaz

Mechanical Zoo by Sparkaz

I think there is definitely room for more tinkering but those are some nice templates to work from.