Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monster Hunter Generations: Tips and Links

I played this game for a while and it helped to take my focus away from PAD for a while. I eventually stopped though as I completed most of the main game and didn't really want to grind for the rest of the weapons and armors. Most of my friends playing together have also moved on to other games so that is another factor. Nevertheless, I had great fun and here are some tips and links that I researched while I was playing:

- Tons of resource and information from Reddit here: Something every player should read first

- Gaijin Hunter's YouTube Channel: A lot of useful guides here and there although I don't like it being in a video format; it is difficult to refer back as I have to re-watch the video. I usually end up screen-shotting the essential screens.

In my early game, I followed the BujaBujaBu Set (plus the Switch Axe in the video!) and Village 3 Bow Set video guide before branching out to other weapons and armor eventually.

- Team Darkside's YouTube Channel: I like to check out the armor and weapons used in this video and aim to craft them. This channel has the guide to fastest way to increase Hunter Rank so definitely check it out: 【MHGen】Fastest way to increase your Hunter Rank︱Endgam.

- Some people recommend that you focus on a few weapons and then start making all the elemental version for the weapon to cover all your bases. I personally find it very boring to stick to just a few weapons so I decided to make a few out of most of the weapons so I can try out different playstyles! I find this thread really useful in helping me decide what weapons to go for; the Time Attack Analysis thread over at GameFAQs -