Sunday, October 16, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's "Halloween" Godfest (10/14~10/16) rolls and some thoughts on upcoming Halloween Gacha

This is probably the smallest Godfest lineup in a while; we got the only pantheon, the Archdemons being split into 2 days for the first time instead of being a pantheon a day, along with selected Dark pantheon cards and Godfest exclusives. We also get 2 evolved version of cards just so they can fill up the higher rarity spots; UUVO Krishna and evolved Sherias Roots. (the latter probably chosen with an eye on the upcoming Halloween Gacha as that contains Halloween Sonia Gran-Reverse)

For most people that were complaining about the bloat of the Godfest cards, this reduction of theh lineup is a good sign that things are improving. We'll find out if it is here to stay in the next Godfest. I went for 1 roll each day, thinking of conserving my stones for Halloween Gacha. I wanted Halloween Izanami initially but she does seem a little less used nowadays as I only seen her in 1 Yomi Dragon Arena 2 video. She makes a good base for skill inherit on that team. I am not interested in Halloween Xiang Mei as I already have the red version and the play-style can be boring. Nothing really stands out as must-have and no new leader play-style as well for me. Here are the new cards from padx: Anyway, onto my rolls:

Day 1: Kushinadahime

I already have 1 and evolved that to awoken form. I like the combo play-style a lot and she is my first +297 green card. I'm not sure what to do with this dupe and am very tempted to sell for MP. Keeping her for now but also torn between with evolved form to go for; UUVO version seems like a better overall sub but awoken version seems like a good sub for her own team because of the active skill helping out the leaderskill. Black Mist actually uses 1 as sub in this video but it could be situational:

Day 2: Sitri

I get another blue card for my blue teams and this is a pretty good followup to Isis from my previous Godfest, being devil type in awoken form. I can't really form a team as I have no blue devil board changer unless I go off-type. Nevertheless, her active is very good with Sarasvati and maybe even in Blue Miru or Beach Lakshmi as she doesn't convert away hearts. Her active is also versatile enough to combo with either Beach Urd or Skuld's board change.

Overall, a pretty decent Godfest for me as I didn't get any silver or non-pantheon/Godfest cards and my blue teams continue to become stronger!