Friday, October 14, 2016

Monster Strike: Japan's 3rd Anniversary Hatcher available now until 7 November + Tier List (Updated with an edit and GameWith's Tier List)

Monster Strike is celebrating its 3rd Year Anniversary in the Japan version at the moment and it has a special Gacha that let's you choose from 5 6* cards of an element. It seems like a really good time to re-roll during this period! I've had problems with the game previously but with this latest 8.0 version, I seem to be able to use the app properly now.

Once you complete the tutorial, which is pretty quick compared to the PAD one IMO, check the red present box icon to find the mail with "3" in its text. (Edit: "3" + it's found in the "[]" brackets) The gacha will appear after you opened that mail. I've tried re-rolling a few times but it is quite tedious as I'm on iOS 10 and have to delete the whole app in order to do so; I did not jailbreak and iOS 10 do not allow using external file explorer. I've read that re-rolling isn't necessary but I'll give it a go until this special hatcher ends and see if I can get any of the OP cards before that.

I've researched around and the top cards seem to be Gabriel from Wood, Lucy from Dark, Arthur and GodStriker from Light. For full breakdown of the elements and their top cards, check out the Monster Strike Blog by SFGundam:

[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #5 - Dark Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #4 - Light Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #3 - Wood Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #2 - Water Monsters
[3rd Anniversary Hatcher] Part #1 - Fire Monsters

If you are starting Monster Strike, here are some resources:
Ultimate Players Guide from

GameWith's Tier List - https://モンスターストライク

I figured out the location after having use the PAD website for a while. I refer to this list for the 3rd Anniversary Hatcher more than the Monster Strike Blog links above, as GameWith's has everything on a page. I'm still having no luck with the rerolling and I just reroll a few times a day as it is quite tedious on un-jailbroken iOS 10.